MESA metal and steel construction


We give shape to ideas:

step by step to success with MESA

We take multiple professional and prudent steps from the initial idea of our customers to the successful delivery of our first-class metalworking products. Thanks to our highly-skilled employees, up-to-date high-tech processes and a series of quality certifications, our customers are on the safe side in each project phase.

With high-tech to the top product

very production starts with the complete production documents. State-of-the-art, CNC-controlled laser and flame cutting machines, saws and bending devices perform the highest precision work and ensure fast and direct manufacturing lead times.

The latest Multimatrix® welding machines from EWM provide us and our customers with first-class welding results both technically and economically. In our liquid coating, we ensure the highest surface quality. We also imple-ment other surface finishes such as wood, zinc, gold finishes or salt water resistant offshore powder coating with closely linked partner companies. Thanks to MICROSOFT® ERP management software, we and our customers are reliably informed about the current project status at all times.