MESA metal and steel construction


We give shape to ideas:

step by step to success with MESA

We take multiple professional and prudent steps from the initial idea of our customers to the successful delivery of our first-class metalworking products. Thanks to our highly-skilled employees, up-to-date high-tech processes and a series of quality certifications, our customers are on the safe side in each project phase.

Just in time with good logistics

Absolute adherence to delivery dates, i.e.
just in time production is a must for us. It is ensured by our flexible employees with great dedication and smart in-house control logi-stics, to which we have committed ourselves as part of the quality management system. For this purpose, we rely on central material management and consistent material traceability for complete documentation.

Thus, at each project stage we can understand which employee is working on a project, when and for how long. MESA Metall- und Stahlbau GmbH has carried out and passed a number of important certifications. This puts us in a position to manufacture products for industries with the highest demands.