MESA metal and steel construction


Our spectrum:

First class metal construction in great variety

Specialist for specialists

As a specialist equipment supplier, our broad range is particularly evident in plant engineering and machine building. Our steel, stainless steel, and aluminium constructions find satisfied customers in the most demanding companies.

One such company is the filling technology specialist FEIGE FILLING affiliated to the HAVER & BOECKER Group. We have been supporting the company for many years and are involved in the manufacture of its products, including suspension chain and roller conveyors.

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Metal construction in all its facets

Our production is focused on the demand-driven design, in whole or in part, as desired. In particular, we emphasise our high level of expertise in dealing with different materials. We weld different types of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium together.

Our assembly can handle metals, plastics, and wood. We supply blasted, painted, powder-coated, galvanised, anodised, stained surfaces and much more.